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            Theme Release Notes

            September 25, 2019 - v. 1.1.2
            • Removed "All collection" link on mobile subcategory menus - this was unnecessarily creating a confusing UI

            July 31, 2019 - v. 1.1.1
            • Expanded to third tier subcategories in the main navigation menu on mobile devices
            • Added 'Out of stock' badges to product loop on collection pages

            July 8, 2019 - v. 1.1.0
            • Added missing translation options to theme text content

            June 24, 2019 - v. 1.0.9

            May 21, 2019 - v. 1.0.8
            • Fix to blog template not displaying more than 5 posts or pagination for older posts. Blog now uses standard lightspeed / gui template with css modifications ('/snippets/blog.rain' deprecated)

            March 18, 2019 - v. 1.0.7

            • Update to mobile collection filters – fixed bug not allowing user to submit both "sort by" and filter options in conjunction with each other. Update also added in custom filters for mobile as well.
            • Remove background color on slider images so that transparent png's that don't fit the full container will not show the background
            • Major updates to the double hero banners on mobile – if no text is used on the primary or secondary banners, the full images will be displayed without cropping and (optionally) will be active links for the URLs specified in your theme settings

            February 25, 2019 - v. 1.0.6
            • Fixed conflict between pop up newsletter and footer newsletter forms. With popup module active, neither forms were able to submit successfully.
            • Added submission notification on contact form
            • FontAwesome icons in the top bar are now pulling correctly from their database
            • Added x-large logo options to better fit logos with a vertical orientation

            January 28, 2019 - v. 1.0.5
            • Added options to hide/display all the contact icons in the footer contact section
            • Fixed: Wishlist icon in the header not removed when turned off in Theme Settings
            • Fixed: Instagram feed in pages sidebar now loading properly for North America stores

            January 22, 2019 - v. 1.0.4
            • Logo H1 was creating awkward spacing around header on mobile devices because of the font size. This has been changed to better suit all screen sizes
            • Added new template options for all text pages (about, customer support, privacy policy, etc.)
            • Home banners link text are now customizable in the Theme Settings

            January 15, 2019 - v. 1.0.3
            • Resolved bug: fontawesome CDN not rendering properly on Safari
            • Newsletter pop-up image and form now stacks vertically on small devices for better legibility
            • Added theme settings for category titles (loc: 7. Category). You can now choose whether to display the titles underneath the image or overlaid on top. This also includes an option to display a faded dark background behind the overlaid text to make it more legible.
            • Fixed overflow on the home banners tutorial boxes
            • Added heading for the home Instagram feed and fixed image width when no cover photo is used
            • Removed striptags filter on FAQ content to allow rich text and html to be used
            • Customer service widget is now able to be activated/deactivated on the product page
            • Cart icon options now switch properly when changed in theme settings

            January 10, 2019 - v. 1.0.2
            • Fix line-spacing on the top bar locations link and store hours text
            • Set default settings for home hero to be deactivated - this is so that the tutorial placeholder displays on installation
            • Include documentation link in the theme details
            • Updated bottom footer link to Austin's listing in the Lightspeed theme store

            December 20, 2018 - v. 1.0.1
            • Fix link URLs for home banners
            • Fixed bug on Google maps API
            • Add font size options for body text and primary menu links
            • Instagram layout to accommodate portrait and landscape photos
            • Optimize logo area to display images of varying dimensions

            Updated: 25 Sep 2019 03:12 AM
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